Most nonprofit leaders rank executive coaching as their most valuable form of professional development. WJ Consulting clients achieve a new level of performance, self-awareness, and sustainable leadership.

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Learn more about how a typical coaching engagement might progress. Here are brief descriptions of recent successes.

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  • Clarity

    Organizations are messy.  Leadership is complicated.   By listening for distinctions that clarify, collecting multiple perspectives on each client, and sorting through the data, WJ Consulting equips managers to focus on what matters most so they make smarter choices.  From there, sustained progress emerges. One coaching client was a rising manager who was a “rock star” […]

  • Insight

    WJ Consulting understands that the presented challenge or opportunity is not always the most valuable place for a manager to focus.   By reframing difficulties, building on strengths, exploring blind spots, and introducing ways to improve their leadership and their organizations, WJ Consulting inspires clients to reach unimagined levels of performance. For example, one coaching client […]

  • Collaboration

    Powerful coaching is grounded in proven tools and approaches and is also continually adapting to a client’s situation and reactions.  It’s art and science – and often even fun. WJ Consulting worked with one relatively new (first-time) executive director at a social services nonprofit who confronted a variety of challenges.  Alice had a new board […]

Recent Articles

Hilary Joel delivers advice to businesses, individuals, and other organizations through professional experience and personal anecdotes.

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  • Yup… Your Strengths Can Get You in Trouble!

    Appreciating and leveraging our natural talents and accumulated strengths is an important element of a successful career.  Yet when those same valuable attributes are leaned on TOO heavily, they crowd out complementary behaviors. Heavy-handed reliance on our strengths creates a false sense of security and enables narrow, rigid thinking and can even drive away colleagues. Two executives […]

  • If Only You Could Reduce the Stress at Work… You Can!

    Our main sources of stress seem to come from outside ourselves, they happen to us… leaders overcommit, clients get angry, colleagues drop the ball, bosses change their minds. But what if you could influence the amount of organizational anxiety those stressors generate? … You can! Neuroscience has taught us that moods are highly contagious – […]

  • Wouldn’t You Rather Flow into the New Year (than lunge into it)?

    Many of us put extra pressure on ourselves around the new year — in the form of exuberant goal-setting, self-critical reflections on the year just completed, or a general restlessness around our sense of purpose.  Join me in loosening your grip on all of the above.  The following excerpt (unknown source) was read to me […]